Success Stories

Meet participants, facilitators and companies that found #IAmRemarkable helpful for their business, career and personal life.

Women next to an airplane

Empowering Lufthansa Group employees during Covid-19

Lufthansa Group introduced #IAmRemarkable to connect and empower employees around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic; a time of crisis and uncertainty.

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Curtis Baker, #IAmRemarkable Facilitator and Regional Inclusion, Diversity and Equity lead for Dow Asia Pacific

Curtis Baker: Championing Inclusion and Empowerment

Explore the insightful journey of Curtis, an advocate for inclusion and empowerment. From his role as an #IAmRemarkable Facilitator to fostering diverse workplaces, Curtis shares wisdom on positive self-talk, allyship, and creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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Jannette Flores: Embracing Diversity and Resilience

Discover the inspiring story of Jannette Flores, an #IAmRemarkable facilitator and industry leader at Google. From navigating her identity as a working mom in a same-sex marriage to advocating for LGBTQIA+ inclusion, Jannette shares insights on building creative and inclusive workspaces.

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Junior Beaman, Executive Coach and Global Co-Chair for the Natwest Group Rainbow Network

Junior is Creating Room for LGBTQ+ people

Explore the inspiring journey and advocacy of Junior Beaman, an #IAmRemarkable Facilitator and Executive Coach, dedicated to fostering a culture of acceptance and inclusion for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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Zoe Boyd

Becoming more myself with #IAmRemarkable - Zoe's story

Discover how Zoe Boyd, an #IAmRemarkable facilitator, trans woman, and co-owner of a marketing agency, drew strength and inspiration from community and sharing during a pivotal time of self discovery.

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Strength in community poster

Strength in community

We asked 3 facilitators about their Pride journey, how #IAmRemarkable has helped them share their story and empower others to do the same.

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#IAmRemarkable participant poster

How 500,000 people are tapping into their remarkable

To celebrate this 500,000 participant milestone, we spoke to two people who came out of #IAmRemarkable workshops with renewed confidence, a revitalized attitude to self-care, and a passion to pass on what they learned.

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Dannie Lynn

Exploring intersectionality with #IAmRemarkable - Dannie Lynn’s story

Discover how #IAmRemarkable Global Inclusion Lead Dannie Lynn draws on her unique experience of being a woman, biracial, queer and neurodivergent to help others own and celebrate every aspect of their identities.

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People on a video call

Connecting employees across Salesforce

Salesforce brought #IAmRemarkable in-house to drive employee empowerment and allyship. To date over 4,000 employees at Salesforce have attended #IAmRemarkable workshops across 16 countries.

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Chris Eugenio

Breaking through barriers with #IAmRemarkable - Chris’ story

Discover how #IAmRemarkable encouraged Chris to continue taking up space, spreading the gospel of self-advocacy and inspiring LGBTQIA+ folks to embrace their unique superpowers.

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A group of women

Fostering women empowerment and allyship at Colgate

Colgate believes in - and works towards - a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. Practicing allyship with #IAmRemarkable is helping to advance these goals.

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Overcoming the odds to build a global community online - Patricia's story

Patricia has run workshops during the pandemic to help participants feel connected and less isolated.

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Akua smiling in front of a laptop

Learning through teaching and helping others - Akua's story

From lacking confidence to becoming an advocate for self-promotion: this is how #IAmRemarkable helps Akua to celebrate her own achievements.

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Woman running a workshop

Building careers and confidence at Manulife

With over 400 workshop participants, the impact at all levels within the business has been significant.

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People on a video call

Creating community & celebrating success at GSK

Since GSK’s first workshop in May 2020 the program has been rolled out across 14 markets and various business functions.

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Woman presenting

Finding career growth by helping others succeed - Hanna's story

Thanks to her self-promotion skills and learnings from the #IAmRemarkable workshop Hanna landed her dream job. Now she helps others succeed.

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Teenager in his room

#IAmRemarkable partnered with "My Career" in Russia

Google Russia has partnered with a social center “My Career” to bring the #IAmRemarkable program to all the center visitors.

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Woman reading from a document

LeanIn.Org brings #IAmRemarkable to their global Circles community

#IAmRemarkable partnered with Lean In to support their mission of helping women achieve their ambitions, and to help create a more equal world.

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Woman walking and smiling in an office

How Merkle is championing #IAmRemarkable

After attending an #IAmRemarkable workshop, Egle Mazonaite was inspired to bring #IAmRemarkable to her Merkle colleagues.

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People clapping hands

Simply Business

Simply Business’s women are challenging themselves and taking center stage.

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Women around a table in a meeting

Shanavier rediscovered her confidence after moving jobs

When Shanavier McLemore moved into a male-dominated industry, she struggled speaking up. #IAmRemarkable restored her confidence.

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Amy Nolan drawing

Amy takes her business forward

After moving to a rural military base, Amy had to leave her job and start a business. Self promotion was a real issue, #IAmRemarkable helped change her mindset.

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Woman smiling sat in a meeting room

Unilever brings #IAmRemarkable in-house

After attending an #IAmRemarkable workshop at Google Moscow, the Unilever team was inspired to bring #IAmRemarkable to their employees.

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