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#IAmRemarkable Week poster

#lAmRemarkable Week

Location: Global Virtual Events
Date: September 2022
Number of participants: All welcome!

#lAmRemarkable Week featured virtual talks, panel discussions, an Awards Ceremony and #lAmRemarkable workshops. Watch on-demand to celebrate the power of diversity, inclusion and allyship, while embracing your achievements.

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Anna Vainer talking on stage at 4GameChangers event


Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: June 2022
Number of participants: 1,500

Vienna's top international digital festival for more than 5,000 visionaries.

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People on stage at Google Marketing Live event

Google Marketing live EMEA

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: May 2022
Number of participants: 100

Google Marketing Live is an annual event showcasing the latest innovations to help businesses thrive.

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TED2022 event stage

TED2022: A new Era

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: April 2022
Number of participants: 50

TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. TED conferences bring together a group of expert thinkers and doers across a wide range of fields.

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#IamRemarkable Week 2021 poster

#IamRemarkable Week 2021

Location: Global virtual event​
Date: September 2021​
Participants: 55,000

#IamRemarkable Week is a digital experience celebrating the power of diversity, inclusion and allyship, as well as empowering everyone to celebrate their achievements.

#IamRemarkable Week 2020 poster

#IamRemarkable Week 2020

Location: Global virtual event​
Date: November 2020​
Participants: 30,000

#IamRemarkable Week is a digital experience celebrating the power of diversity, inclusion and allyship, as well as empowering everyone to celebrate their achievements.

Group of people on stage at WebSummit


Location: Lisbon, Portual
Date: November 2019
Number of participants: 275

Annual technology conference, considered the largest tech event in the world, which brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry.

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Attendees of the Google Developer Days event

Google Developer Days

Location: Shanghai, China
Date: September 2019
Number of participants: 170

Google Developer Days (GDD) are global events showcasing the latest developer products and platforms from Google to help you quickly develop high quality apps, grow & retain an active user base, and tap into tools to earn more.

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Woman talking at event

TED2019: Bigger than us

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: April 2019
Number of participants: 40

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. The flagship TED conference encompasses science, business, the arts, technology and global issues.
Photo credit: Bret Hartman, TED

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Two women on stage talking


Location: Cologne, Germany
Date: September 2019
Number of participants: 200

DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Expo & Conference) is the meeting place and a community for all key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation.
Photo Credit: Markus Mielek

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Crowd of people at Google Cloud Next event

Google Cloud Next

Location: San Francisco, USA​
Date: April 2019​
Number of participants: 270

A conference that gathers a community of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and developers to explore the future of the cloud and how to unlock new business opportunities with this technology.

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Crowd of women at Grace Hopper Celebration event

Grace Hopper Celebration

Location: Florida, USA​
Date: October 2019​
Number of participants: 400

Our largest ever workshop
The world's largest gathering of female technologists, designed to bring the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront.

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Two women at Elle Active event

Elle Active

Location: Brussels, Belgium​
Date: October 2019
Number of participants: 100

A two-day conference filled with individual coaching sessions, workshops and exchanges devoted to women and their careers, well-being and personal development.

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Stage of Google Marketing Live event

Google Marketing Live

Location: San Francisco, USA​
Date: May 2019​
Number of participants: 65

Annual event where Google celebrates marketers, announces big new directions in both ads and other products, and creates a lot of buzz and excitement for the advertising industry.

Woman on stage at OMR Festival

OMR Festival

Location: Hamburg, Germany​
Date: May 2019​
Number of participants: 150

OMR is Europe’s leading platform for the global digital economy, spanning content, events and technology. The annual OMR Festival is the event of the year for marketing pros and aficionados.

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Women at LeanIn.Org Yearly Conference

LeanIn.Org Yearly Conference

Location: San Francisco, USA​
Date: August 2019​
Number of participants: 200

LeanIn.Org, an organization that aims to help women achieve their ambitions, and to help create a more equal world, brought #IamRemarkable to it's annual leaders conference.

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Trophy illustration

#IAmRemarkable Award 2022 Winners

To pay recognition to our Facilitator community for their hard work, dedication and success, we have launched the #IAmRemarkable Awards. Winners were announced at a virtual ceremony on September 30th 2022.

Global Top Voice on Social Media

Speakerphone illustration
Arrow and target illustration
Profile picture of Martha Arjona

Martha Arjona


Martha used her social media voice to creatively champion and engage the #IAmRemarkable community, encouraging an ongoing conversation.

Highest number of workshops delivered

Profile picture of Lisa Darrell

Lisa Darrell (SAP)


Lisa delivered the highest number of workshops this year in the Asia-Pacific region!

Profile picture of Priscila Fabiane Peres Rodrigues

Priscila Fabiane Peres Rodrigues (CI&T)


Priscila delivered the highest number of workshops this year in the Americas region!

Profile picture of Shirley Dloomy

Shirley Dloomy (Google)


Shirley delivered the highest number of workshops this year in Europe, the Middle East and Africa!

Highest number of #IAmRemarkable attendees reached

Profile picture of Priya Gupta

Priya Gupta (Google)


Priya reached the highest number of workshop attendees in the Asia-Pacific region!

Profile picture of Maria Florencia Napolitano

Maria Florencia Napolitano (Google)


Maria reached the highest number of workshop attendees in the Americas region!

Profile picture of Shirley Dloomy

Shirley Dloomy (Google)


Shirley reached the highest number of workshop attendees in Europe, the Middle East and Africa!

Global #IAmRemarkable Company Award

Challenge illustration
Diversity illustration
Amazon logo


Amazon has gone above and beyond to scale #IAmRemarkable within their organisation!

In the spotlight: International Women’s Day

World-class footballers share what makes them remarkable

To celebrate International Women’s Day three incredible players from the England Women's football team have joined an #IAmRemarkable workshop. Watch this video to learn how this experience helped them to learn more about themselves, and embrace their professional and personal achievements. Scroll down to hear more about each players' #IAmRemarkable journey.

#IAmRemarkable in the press

How creating a ‘climate of confidence’ could help more women succeed

Published by: #IAmRemarkable on LinkedIn

“Confidence is the belief that you can handle whatever is thrown at you or know how to get the support you’ll need in order to do so".

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3 lessons Walmart learned from #IAmRemarkable

Published by: The Keyword

“Hearing stories of accomplishments – the key was vulnerability – brought our associates together.”

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An #IamRemarkable facilitator on the power of self-promotion

Published by: The Keyword

"Just writing down the sentence, “I am remarkable because…” is like a trigger. It makes people rethink themselves, and I saw the good that I could do by being involved."

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The power of self-promotion in the workplace: the case of Henkel Italia

Published by: Think with Google

"Self-awareness leads to an improvement in company performance, as everyone feels valued, but also empowered."

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A Missing Factor in Women's Leadership: Confidence

Published by: Forbes

“Take a page from this workshop and outline not just what you’ve accomplished but your value proposition, what makes you remarkable.”

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Anna Vainer knows what makes her remarkable

Published by: the Keyword

"Today, Anna helps others learn to acknowledge and announce what makes them great—while also making sure to practice what she preaches."

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Accomplishments don't speak for themselves

Published by: DERSTANDARD [Austria]

"It's not bragging if it's based on facts. It's just the truth."

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Learn how to stand out with #IamRemarkable

Published by: ELLE [Belgium]

"Who you are and what environment (or peer group) you are in is so important in determining your self-confidence."

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For what reasons do you feel remarkable?

Published by: Marie Claire [Greece]

"At the end of the day don't forget to remind yourself, all the reasons why you feel remarkable."

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What if a 90-min workshop could avoid sexism and improve confidence at work?

Published by: Observador [Portugal]

"What often applies to underrepresented women and groups is that we do a very good job and then expect the work to speak for itself."

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