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The Workshop

#IAmRemarkable is a global movement that empowers everyone, including underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond, while challenging the social perception around self-promotion.
At the heart of our movement is a 90 minute workshop open to everyone, hosted by trained facilitators worldwide face to face and virtually.

#IAmRemarkable started at Google in 2016 and has seen continued scale and impact principally because of the strength of its community. As of December 2023, 550,000+ people have participated in #IAmRemarkable workshops, across 180 countries. This has been made possible by more than 6,000 volunteer facilitators who are passionate and committed to helping others celebrate their achievements.

The 90-minute workshop helps participants learn how to speak openly about their accomplishments. The workshop is divided into three parts:

Discuss: Increase awareness of data and research regarding self-promotion and bias

Practice: Practice articulating individual achievements and sharing with others

Act: Reflect, discuss and share take home exercises to increase comfort with self-promotion

One of the big hurdles women and underrepresented groups face when tackling the leadership gap is practicing self-promotion — or vocally expressing their achievements in a working environment.

The benefits of self-promotion are vast — including taking control of how others perceive you, and making them understand the unique contribution you can make.

The #IAmRemarkable workshop is available in over 20 languages and include - English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Mandarin, Traditional Mandarin, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (PT), Swedish, Polish, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Turkish, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Ukrainian, Armenian

Not at all.

While the workshop started as women only, with time, we realised other marginalised and underrepresented groups face the same struggles. We offer this workshop to everyone and encourage you to run the workshop for various audiences. The workshop's goal is to not only teach the skills of self-promotion but also to increase awareness of the hurdles underrepresented groups face in the workplace and beyond. There is high value in having allies in the room as they will support driving the required behavior change.

All #IAmRemarkable sessions are free of charge for participants.

You have 2 options:

  1. Invite an existing facilitator - we have a community of over 3,000 facilitators. Please post your workshop request on our LinkedIn group with the details of your workshop (date, location, audience) and one of the facilitators will respond to your post.
  2. Train as a facilitator - Please register for an online train-the-trainer session, and you will get all the materials and training required to facilitate the workshop yourself.

You can find workshops listed on our LinkedIn “#IAmRemarkable: Book a workshop” group, hosted by the #IAmRemarkable global community.

You can find a copy of the follow-up exercises here, and we also recommend you keep track of your progress by using this goals tracker. Best of luck!


Yes, we do. We ask participants to complete a survey at the end of the workshop and three months after.

As of December 2023, #IAmRemarkable has reached 550,000 participants and 1300 companies across 180 countries with the help of 6000 facilitators, while helping individuals grow in their career:

49% of participants declared to experience job and/or career growth, and attribute this to #IAmRemarkable!

82% declared to feel more confident since taking the training

89% declared to be more active in self promotion thanks to the workshop

Source: #IAmRemarkable Impact Research conducted by Ipsos MORI. Please note that the figures are valid as of June 2023.

Active Facilitators

  • Attend the 2 hours training session, in addition to 3-5 hours of self-study
  • Running one pilot Workshop within 3 months of the Train the Trainer session
  • We expect facilitators to run at least 4 Workshops per year
  • Fill out the facilitator survey and ask participants to fill out the post workshop survey after every workshop.
  • Note: you must run a minimum of one workshop in 12 months to stay in the program.

The #IAmRemarkable workshop materials are always updating; therefore, we require facilitators to run a bare minimum of one workshop within 12 months to be kept in the program. if you didn’t run any #IAmRemarkable sessions within the last 12 months, you must retrain and attend the Train-The-Trainer session. If you are unsure about your status, please email [email protected]


Rmrkblty is a non-profit organization created by Anna Vainer and is dedicated to fostering personal growth and empowerment. The first program Rmrkblty launched is #IAmRemarkable, which Anna has led from its conception at Google. #IAmRemarkable is now licensed to Rmrkblty.

Google has licensed the #IAmRemarkable program to Rmrkblty, and commits to being one of the main supporters of Rmrkblty and a close partner during its first years of operations.

#IAmRemarkable is continuing its next phase of maturity with this community at the core. Google is proud to have enabled the start of such a powerful movement and they are pleased that #IAmRemarkable has been licensed to Rmrkblty, an independent NGO.

With the power of this facilitator network, this new chapter will support the sustainable development of the program for long term impact around the world. Google commits to being one of the main supporters and a close partner during the transition phase.


Please join our LinkedIn group for updates.

Please email [email protected]